The Silent Millionaire

Total and unequivocal economic freedom from anyone and anything

How Young are You?

Sebastian Martinez age 7, and Moziah Bridges age 9, are the CEOs of their own companies with high revenues from very simple ideas. They are the masters of their own time, income, location, and of course no boss to tell them what to do. They have achieved at less than 10 years old what other people cannot achieve in their 70s. Why is that? They are not smarter or luckier than anyone else. Simply, they had the right guidance, advice, and support. This is exactly what we offer in this webinar! More young entrepreneurs here.  

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100% your webinar fee back

You can follow the first session and if you decide that this webinar is not what you were looking for, or you do not like the content, or for any reason you think it is not for you, you send us an email and you get 100% of your deposit back, no questions asked. We strongly believe in the tremendous, continuous, and specific value of this webinar to provide this guarantee.


"Life Economics", an action webinar with specific proposals 

Dr. Pindaro developed this webinar out of a total belief in its concepts. Although he has three advanced degrees (MS, MBA, PhD), no book, booklet, or class in his eight and a half years of postgraduate studies, almost 30 years in the market, and plenty of research, prepared him to avoid economic pitfalls. This is why in his 22 years of university pedagogy, he made it an absolute priority to add to his classes as many of the concepts in this webinar as possible. He wanted his own students to avoid systemic traps and become affluent, independent persons.    

No professional advice from the market

Pindaro did a lot of research on savings instruments, real estate, and stock market investments, but no professional has provided a simple step-by-step plan to save, accumulate capital, and invest to arrive at that oasis of financial independence and why not become a millionaire which is much easier to achieve than it is commonly assumed. There is no blame to professionals; they provide advice following the guidelines and restrictions of their own company so that they can generate their own salary and/or commission income. In this webinar, there is nothing to hold back and we use numbers to support our conclusions; there is no employer to listen to or to keep satisfied.  

Not a rich quick scheme 

This webinar is not a "get rich quick" scheme, there is no magic wand, and success will not happen overnight or without effort. In addition, it is not an anti-system webinar in which we blame the system for our own failures. Systemic institutions are doing their job and their marketing to maximize their profits while we make our own responsible economic choices to maximize our own returns. While there are exceptions, for most people it will take years, and for some people even decades, to achieve complete financial independence with high amounts of capital, independent income sources, and rigid investment portfolios. If you are looking to become a millionaire in three months, this webinar is not for you; there are plenty of youtube videos that promise the world, in no time, and with almost no work. 


Colleges and Universities prepare students to become employees and to depend on their employers forever, "to go up the ladder".

By far and beyond colleges and universities prepare their students with technical knowledge to become engineers, mathematicians, medical doctors, accountants, managers, and other types of professionals as employees of corporations. It is OK to be an employee, but it is not OK to be one for a lifetime. They do not teach their students how to become truly independent people from employers, location, finances, and time. How many people do you know who can choose the location and hours of their work and change these two factors at will?  How many people do you know who can work a month in Florida, a month, in Paris, and six months in New York? The answer is most probably nobody. This is my dream when teaching this webinar; create independent people. We cannot work anymore like people did in the 18th century, that is in 1750.

In a capitalist economy, we accumulate capital, not debt.

You know very well that most people accumulate debt through loans, mortgages, credit cards, student loans, business loans, furniture, vacation, unexpected expenses, and a myriad of other reasons. Most importantly, this accumulation of debt is viewed as a somewhat normal behavior. Who said that? Yes, we will consume but not to the point of not being able to put capital aside. Learn how to save without becoming miserable and without the lame and even funny savings products offered currently by the financial industry.

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Once a monthly payer, always a monthly payer

It is one of the primary goals of marketers, creditors, and financiers to make you a monthly payer with high interest loans so that they generate a steady, high profit return from you and for many years. In many cases, these rates are even above the average S&P index return of 10%!! Let us explore the real, disastrous cost of borrowing, why and how to avoid it through real life economics education. 


Do not blame your teachers, professors, and parents for lack of education on life economics. Most, do not know themselves and they fall victims to systemic fallacies and misconceptions as well. 

Look around and you will see highly educated people like university professors, doctors, amazing engineers, teachers, mathematicians, NASA scientists, and others, making basic financial mistakes. This is because they have tremendous training in their discipline, but no training at all in life economics. In this webinar, we will see with numbers that most published financial advice is simply impractical and illogical and we will focus on highly practical training and education on economics and philosophies that will work for our own financial success.   

Must not live paycheck-to-paycheck

60% of millennials with income above 100K live paycheck to paycheck! Living paycheck to paycheck is an immediate and urgent signal to take immediate action. Even if we pay our bills comfortably every month but we cannot put aside 1K, 2K, or even more every month, it still means we live paycheck to paycheck. In this webinar, we will discuss the strategy, steps, and rules to get out of this trap. It is a basic requirement for financial independence. 

The Disastrous Savings Account

Savings accounts and similar instruments like T-bonds, cash management accounts, and certificates of deposits are touted by financial institutions as something extremely good for long term wealth accumulation. There is nothing further away from the truth. Actually, they constitute a disaster for long term wealth accumulation. They have been invented so that financial institutions can buy your hard earned cash cheap (such as 0.5%) and then sell it to other people or even back to you at  10%, 15%, 18% or even more! Let us get trained using numbers and calculators of where to invest your accumulated capital so that you can enrich yourselves and not the financiers.   

Working for someone else must be a short-term goal and with a very specific plan in mind

Who said we should depend our livelihood and that of our family and kids on a single paycheck from a single employer? When you invest in the market, do you put all your money in one stock? What happens if the income from our employer is not there anymore because a lunatic manager took over? Let us review the step by step plan to generate our very own multiple sources of income independent from any employer.  

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The atrociously faulty dilemma of getting employed or having your own business

There are tons of articles, in print and online, discussing the advantages and disadvantages of employment vs own business. Anyone who read Aristotelian logic, knows that dilemmas are false by default. In this webinar, we will see how we can use both alternatives with the right timing to achieve our financial independence goals. We will see how we can use, time, timing, capital, knowledge, and connections to become business owners (not self-employed persons). 

There is no good debt.

"Only morons start a business on a loan (Mark Cuban)." I agree. Some authorities suggest that debt to start a business, obtain education, or purchasing a house is "good" debt because it is "an investment". There is no good or bad debt, debt is always bad for any endeavor, very expensive, the destroyer of financial success, and associated with high levels of anxiety. Let us see how we can achieve these goals without debt!

Substituting Capital with Knowledge

A hundred years ago, we must had had capital to start a business. Today, we have access to vast amounts of knowledge online which we can use to start our e-business with minimal capital if we are willing to put in the time and effort to excel in what we are doing. Let us explore the specifics together.

International Employment and Identification of Opportunities

Have you ever thought of getting a job in Paris, Berlin, Milan, Beijing, Tokyo, or Amman? Let us discuss the professional benefits of international positions and most importantly the amazing sourcing opportunities for your own business.

 Employers are not family like they claim

  Employers want to do their job and employ people for this purpose. While there are certainly variations in organizational cultures, absolutely no employer will make it a priority to maximize the salaries  of their employees! Wages represent a cost in their income statement and it is viewed as such. Actually, they will try to minimize this cost. In addition, there is a tremendous gap between employee productivity and compensation. You will be suprised by the historical evidence and numbers.

Frugality vs Misery vs Targeted Savings

Having a capital accumulation plan does not mean we will stop living for five, ten, or more years, and become miserable on the way.  Actually, while we save, we will enjoy life to its fullest, make purchases, travel, and consume but with certain guidelines in mind. Unlike other pieces of advice in books and on the Internet for miserable frugality and extreme savings methods, this webinar will not compel you to save in a despondent way so that by non-living like a human being you are to achieve capital accumulation and wealth.

Avoid expensive mortgages like the plague

I have prepared a true house mortgage calculator that shows the exact cost of mortgaging a house which you will not find in professional articles, books, or mortgage calculators. They all present part of the story. By the way, this is not a rent vs purchase debate. You can purchase or rent your house but the goal is to be fully educated on housing cost and opportunity cost, so that you make a decision that will serve your own interests and not those of the lenders. By the way, did you know that creditors do not want you to pay off your mortgage!! You destroy them if you stay in the same house, with the same mortgage for 30 years! You must move, refinance, or get a HELOC so that they maximize their profits. Their goal for you is to make payments to eternity, to be a monthly payer for ever.

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"You cannot succeed if you are normal" Warren Buffett.

If you borrow to buy a house, you borrow to drive a car, get educated on a loan, buy clothing on a credit card at 15% interest, and in general consume all your disposable income, you can never accumulate capital, which you can invest to work for you. Mr. Buffett is absolutely right and the above economic behavior is not normal as creditors like us to believe.

A proposal for our own independent sources of income

Another big and widespread fallacy here: "Consultants and experts" suggest a six-month emergency account that can cover your expenses for six months. What happens after six months? Instead of an emergency account, we propose a portfolio of income sources independent from any employer. Let us see in detail how we can plan and achieve a multi-source income.


Ego, the total destroyer of everything

Thinking, consuming, investing, and planning so that you can impress other people like the Joneses is a certain path to financial failure. Ego will prevent you from sound financial decisions, business choices, relationships, marriages, and family! Let us see how to avoid ego traps, what some great philosophers say, so that we can succeed in our professional and personal lifes. 

What? Do you want to retire?

 Simply, it is not going to happen!  I am sorry but for the vast majority of hard working people it will remain a dream to fulfill in the next life, if there is one! Even in highly developed countries, people that worked for forty years cannot retire. By the way, I distinguish between being able to purchasing some food and enjoying retirement. The problem is not related to SSA which most retirees blame but to ourselves. Let us see what we can do to retire comfortably, not just survive as retirees.

The model for sustainable economic independence

We propose a detailed, practical, and multi-phased model for complete and unequivocal financial independence while we remain consumers. Let us explore how we proceed through each one of its faces.  It is a simple (not simplistic), but very effective model.   


"Investing is simple" Warren Buffett. If he says so, who can claim he is not right? He is one of the very top investors in history. Let us see how we can invest, with no extensive research, no sweat about our choices, no anxieties, and let us use calculators to see how simple investment (not trading) strategies will give you high returns (in the level of millions)!!  During the webinar, attendees kept repeating: "I wish I knew this 10, 20, or 30 years ago. Get this webinar. If someone were to provide me this knowledge in my 20s, or 30s, I would easily have paid 5K or 10K for these concepts; I would have made this money back many times!  

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Becoming an entrepreneur

The most important success factor as entrepreneurs is the willingness to start a business. The second most important factor of success is to become experts in the field of our business. Anything else is of secondary importance. We will see evidence of how 12 year-olds became successful entrepreneurs while 70 year-olds still need to work.  

Must Read this section before you register

Continuous Improvement: All the topics listed below will be included in the webinar. Since the webinar is developed on a continuous basis, some existing ones might be combined into one topic and new ones might be added to improve the content and value of the webinar. Dr. Demertzoglou, during his 22 years of awarded university pedagogy followed this Total Quality Management (TQM) principle for continuous course improvement even during the same semester to expand the value of the class and its relevance to the current market.  

Refund Policy: After you register and you follow part 1, you might decide this seminar is not for you, or what you have expected, or simply you do not like it. You let us know with an email at that you do not want to follow it anymore, and you will get a 100% refund, no questions asked whatsoever. 

Corporate Groups: For corporate groups of custom dates and offerings are available. Contact us for details. 

Accent Notice: Dr. Pindaro Demertzoglou has four degrees (BSc, MS, MBA, PhD) all from American Universities. He taught for 22 years in the US with five faculty of the year awards.  He has also written eleven published books on data and analytics and multiple unpublished laboratory booklets.  Still, he has an accent when he speaks English. Some prospective attendees might find it hard to follow a professor who has an accent and I totally understand this point of view and that is why I wanted you to know.  

 Detailed Topics for the 20 parts of the course webinar

Session 1

Part 1: Are we Really Educated for Economic Success and Financial Freedom?

Part 2: In a Capitalist Economy, we accumulate capital, not debt.

Part 3: Avoid mortgages and long-term debt like the plague.

Part 4: Living Paycheck to Paycheck means we need to act.  A radical approach to escape.

Examples of extremely young and extremely successful entrepreneurs.

Session 2

Part 5: The complete fallacy of savings as financial institutions promote it.

Part 6:  Working for someone else must not be a long-term goal.

Part 7: The Very Dark and Very Real Consequences of debt.

Part 8:  The Faulty Dilemma of either a Job or Your Own Business

Examples of extremely young and extremely successful entrepreneurs.

Session 3

Part 9:  The falsity of good debt vs unnecessary (bad) debt.

Part 10Substitute capital with knowledge and start a modern online business with little or no money.

Part 11: International Work Experience. Benefits for you, your family, your career, and your business.

Part 12:  Employers are not family as they claim, they do not want you to have other sources of income, and their goal is not your salary maximization.

Examples of extremely young and extremely successful entrepreneurs.

Session 4

Part 13: Frugality vs Misery vs Targeted Capital Accumulation!

Part 14: Multiple entities in the market will resort to extreme marketing to indebt you.

Part 15: To get out of financial imprisonment you need to change your life, there is hardly any other way.

Part 16: We should aim for an independent income portfolio instead of emergency accounts. 

Examples of extremely young and extremely successful entrepreneurs.

Session 5

Part 17: Ego and Impatience: what creditors rely on to deny you financial independence and personal freedom.

Part 18:  The Retirement Dream: Working for ever because of needless debt and lack of income. How about the opposite?


Part 19: The fundamental model for economic independence.

Part 20: Very simple and very effective investment scenarios.

Examples of extremely young and extremely successful entrepreneurs.