Who is Dr. Pindaro Demertzoglou?

Dr. Pindaro E. Demertzoglou has a PhD in Information Science and twenty-two years of pedagogical experience at the University in the undergraduate, graduate, and executive levels. He has received the faculty of the year award and best teaching award five times to date. He has taught about 4,000 students at the undergraduate, graduate, and executive levels with a focus on practical, specific, and applicable knowledge with very interactive class sessions.

He has also stayed very close to the market by collaborating on practical projects with more than 15 corporations, including Johnson and Johnson, deFacto Global, United Aircraft Technologies, Inc, IPPSEC (ippsecpro.com), Microsoft Corporation Glenmont Partners, IP Logic, Zomega Terahertz Corporation, Groff Networks: Computer IT Support and Managed Services, M&T Bank, LabPrints, Best Western, Collaborations Advertising Agency, Albany Chamber of Commerce, ESCOT Executive Business Services. Most of these projects are projects which involved student teams. He always said to his students: "Do not worry about the requirements from the company, no matter what they ask, you are not alone. You will try it and if you cannot do it, then we will do it together." Pindaro is extremely confident on his knowledge on databases, data systems, data exchange, and data visualization that no matter what the requirements were, we would be able to deliver. Pindaro believes that involvement in the market is a prerequisite for amazing teaching!

Dr. Demertzoglou was the Director of the Graduate Program of Business Analytics at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute where he grew the program to ninety-three students from all over the globe. His tenure lasted for two years from July 1, 2018 to June 30, 2020. As such he is very knowledgeable in managing all aspects of student life in the program of business Analytics, such as program plans, co-ops, curricular practical trainings, relationships with corporations, events, and other aspects in the analytics area.

Looking at a professor with such lengthy educational and professional experience, one might think that the concepts in his webinars and classes might be slightly dated. There is nothing further from the truth. Dr. Demertzoglou is making a continuous, methodical, and above all, an enthusiastic effort to introduce concepts, technologies, and laboratories that not even the most modern corporations have fully adopted.

In addition, Dr. Demertzoglou, makes a specific effort and a priority for his webinars and classes to connect the concepts discussed with the market. The concept must prove its significance in the market to be included in the list of topics for the webinar, otherwise it will be a waste of time discussing it. A promise that Pindaro made to his students for decades is that he would not waste their time. As such, every concept must be practical and applicable, and this is what the students always liked a lot.

Pindaro has written ten books on SQL and databases as you can see from his Google Scholar page: https://scholar.google.com/citations?user=odgV9IYAAAAJ&hl=en&authuser=1. Pindaro has an acute interest in technology book publishing and his books are purchased by several colleges as textbooks. Such colleges include Rutgers's University in NJ, Bismarck State College in ND, Johnson County Community College in KS, and others. In addition, data and analytics professionals buy and use these books as well. One item to note here is that Dr. Demertzoglou provides and has always provided all his published books and booklets to his students in all classes for absolutely free as PDF files. He could have easily made a very considerable additional income per year selling these books to his students, but he does not find this method ethically appropriate.

All the previous statements are related to skills but Pindaro's most important qualities consist of his enthusiasm and a very positive attitude towards his students, colleagues, and team members. An avid communicator, a listener, a team member, a colleague who will make every effort to create and sustain a positive learning and working environment.