A Tiny Portion of Student Quotes

  • Considerate Professor that is genuinely concerned about the success of his students far beyond RPI.

  • Really nice and always there to support the students :)

  • Amazing Professor! Always reachable. I have always received very prompt email responses to my questions even outside of class time and office hours.

  • Very open and willing to accept feedback/make changes to how things operate during classes to make

everyone's experience better.

  • Overall great professor. Loved his teaching style.

  • Best professor I have ever had.

  • I learned a lot and also enjoyed the additional "consulting" type of presentation work.

  • Professor Pindaro is one of my favorite professors, if not the favorite. Professor Pindaro is always willing to work with students if any issue comes up and is incredibly knowledgeable on the subject matter. I'd like to mention too that Prof Pindaro is also humble and is more than willing to admit when something is outside of his expertise and will research it with students, as opposed to some professors who will attempt to explain something they do not even understand. Professor Pindaro is also always excited for class, and always has amazing energy that drives the class forward.

  • Loved how he stuck to the most important parts to ensure that we were learning applicable material!

  • Prof. Pindaro is a great professor who was very knowledgeable about the course material and cared about his students. I appreciate how he would not waste any time and end lecture as soon as the agenda was completed. His notes that were unrelated to class were very helpful (i.e. talking to students about starting their own companies). He very clearly understood that students were busy and assigned work fairly. His grading criteria was quite easy but that actually helped me be more engaged in class.

  • This is my second course with Professor Demertzoglou and he is great! This course was very insightful for me, and the professor's teaching style ensures that all students are engaged and participating.

  • Great Professor. Very helpful and informative. Reachable at all times via email even outside class and office hours.

  • One of the best professors at RPI. Very knowledgeable about topics discussed, and always gives very useful advice to students. Shows personal initiative in helping each student grow. Very passionate about teaching!!

  • Best professor ever! Made me look forward to class each week. The course is very engaging, and I found the topics we learned to be very useful.

  • The course was great, homework assignments were created in a way that is easy to follow along and


  • The homework assignments would take me up to 12 hours sometimes, but overall, I really enjoyed the

homework because it was helpful and relevant.

  • This course provides a lot of useful knowledge about the database, professor's meticulous teaching method makes the knowledge of this class very clear and easy to understand.

  • This class is great, most definitely challenging, but I have learned a lot and this class has also stimulated my interest in the subject.

  • Best class I have taken when it comes to developing skills that are useful for my major, without this class it would've been much harder to apply to internships.

  • Very engaging professor. Obviously enjoys the subject that he is teaching and is knowledgeable about it.

I enjoyed learning under Professor Demertzoglou. He was always prepared and organized for each class, and ensured that we were efficient with class time.

  • The Professor was always willing to help, accommodate students, and address our concerns, which was


  • Professor is very patient and knowledgeable. Although we are in different time zones, he can always reply to my e-mail and solve my problems or difficulties very quickly.

  • Professor is great, kind, and very fair when judging student's effort. He has truly stimulated my interest in the subject and would love to take another class with him in the future.

  • The most passionate professor I've had at RPI, you can tell he cares deeply about the subject material and his students.

  • Course and course content was excellent. I felt adequately challenged and that EVERYTHING I was learning was valuable and would be used in industry later.

  • The course covered a significant amount of material and was highly effective. Thought it had a good mix of theory and open ended real world assignments/labs in addition to more systematic learning and SQL drills.

  • The professor was very engaging and approachable, and offers valuable insight into industry along with the course material.

  • I appreciate the integration of labs to the course. I thought the SQL labs were a bit tedious and repetitive at first, but looking back, it actually helped me in reinforcing the material that I did not know before taking this course.

  • I enjoy the class structure of having lecture-based classes vs lab-based classes as it maintains a good

balance. The order of topics makes sense as the semester progresses and allows for a very organic 􀂧ow even though we are changing books and software. The way that the lab vs homework are formatted is extremely useful to the students since it gives us a good amount of examples through the lab before asking us to solve the problems ourselves, rather than a small amount of problems to solve with no reference as is the case in other classes. I also really like the exam format that tests the applicable knowledge rather than our memorization skills.

  • The course contains many technological tools and helps a lot. When I search job requirement, I find many skills they need are what we learnt in this class. In addition, the way professor taught is very funny, so I am interested in these things after learning that.

  • Professor Pindaro is an excellent teacher- one of the best teachers that I've had at RPI. I enjoy how he uses real, tangible and appliable datasets that is comparable to industry. My only constructive criticism is for him or the TA to create more LMS announcements on corrections or reminders.

  • I appreciate Dr. Pindaro's availability and understanding as a professor. I appreciate his quick responses to students' emails. He is also one of the most genuine and well-versed professors in the 􀂦eld, and I am glad to have had the opportunity to learn from him.

  • Prof. Demertzoglou has been the best professor I have taken class with within the Lally School and possibly within RPI in general. He keeps the class engaged by constantly asking questions with an incentive. I also really appreciate that he connects every technical thing we learn with how it impacts the business as a whole; I have never taken class with another professor who put so much emphasis in the correlation between the corporate and the operational when in reality this should be the main focus in every classroom as a business school. While at the start of the semester I disliked the "mandatory camera: policy, I came to realize its value later on as it leads me to unconsciously limit my own distractions and makes for a better, more collaborative environment. The exam practice questions and his personal policy of sharing potential exam questions prematurely also encourages the students to prepare to the best of their ability. Overall, Prof. Demertzoglou is an amazing instructor and I wish I'd had the opportunity to take more classes with him.