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Sebastian Martinez age 7, and Moziah Bridges age 9, are the CEOs of their own companies with high revenues from very simple ideas. They are the masters of their own time, income, location, and of course no boss to tell them what to do. They have achieved at less than 10 years old what other people cannot achieve in their 70s. Why is that? They are not smarter or luckier than anyone else. Simply, they had the right guidance, advice, and support. This is exactly what we offer in this webinar! 

On the other hand, many executives, doctors, professors, engineers, and business owners in their 50s, 60s, and 70s still have debt, no passive income, and they need to work! Definitely, it is not their fault. They have highly specialized training in their discipline, they are extremely smart people, but they have never received training on their finances. Training that is practical, fact-based, with a defined plan and timing. 

Take this webinar and learn how to avoid financial pitfalls, long term financial imprisonment, accumulate capital, plan your own sources of income, invest simply for the long term, and finally become a truly free and independent person from any employer, time, and location. By the way, having a high income but also having an 80 hour work week is not financial independence!  

People who took this webinar say they should have taken it 20, 25, or 30 years ago, or that it should be taught in all high schools of the country.
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